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If you think you have fleas don’t freak out just yet, BITT’N can help.

Unfortunately humans are the ideal hosts for fleas and even our pets can also often be affected by these little pests. Adult fleas need blood and will feed on us and our pets. In warmer weather they can multiply at an astonishing rate and therefore it is important to put in place an effective flea control program to break the cycle.

Fleas are external parasites which can be found attached to the skin of their hosts.Fleas canbite and cause skin irritation and localized swelling. The swelling is raised and red with a single bite mark in the middle of the swelling. Fleas can spread disease, sickness and even death.

Flea infestations require multi-faceted treatment plans. We thoroughly inspect the affected areas for signs of fleas prior to treatment and make sure everything is safe before we start.

We can use a variety of treatment methods around your property. We can use a special dust in your roof void and also your sub floor. We also treat various areas of infestation inside your home including hard floor surfaces, carpets, rugs, sofas and under furniture. We can even treat outside areas like patios etc.We use the safest pesticides available in the industry today and typically recommend an insect growth regulator which interrupts the life cycle of the flea.

BITT’N delivers:

  • A Same-day solution – If you need us, contact us. We’ll have a proposed solution for you within 24 hours and can offer same day service if required.
  • Done right the first time – If not, we’ll come back at no extra cost until you’re satisfied.
  • 100% satisfaction or your money back – If within the first 30 days you are not happy with our services, we will refund your money.

Think you’ve found fleas in your home, contact us now via our online contact form and we’ll provide you a free no obligation quotation. Alternatively, call us right now on 1300 GET BITTN (1300 438 248).

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