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Bird Control

While birds may not make your skin crawl, they can be a real pest for businesses and properties everywhere. One of the most common complaints with pest birds is extensive damage to properties from droppings. Not only are droppings unsightly and damaging to your business’s reputation, they are cause for slip and fall issues, as well as the spread of diseases including SARS and Salmonella.

Additionally, birds are known to be carriers of fleas and mites, which ultimately enables these pests to spread further. Bites from bird mites can be quite painful and flea and mite populations can build up very quickly if not addressed.

And if you are looking for peace and quiet, birds are a pest you won’t want around. We are determined to help you maintain peace of mind with a property surrounded by silence.

Our Approach

Our solutions to bird control involve the installation of permanent products for buildings and surrounding properties using:

  • Bird Netting
  • Bird Spikes
  • Bird Flight Deterrent Systems
  • Bird Wire & Shock Systems

You’ll find peace of mind knowing that these options won’t kill or injure birds, but will ultimately make it uncomfortable for them to rest on your property.

When it comes to bird control, we conduct free onsite assessments for a range of situations. We also provide thorough home inspections, offering a range of solutions which are tailored for your budget.

Force birds to take flight.
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Force birds to take flight.
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